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Entertainment professionals have uniquely complex requirements when it comes to accounting and taxes. Our team of experts work extensively with members of the entertainment industry, providing high-level financial management and consulting. Our entertainment accounting services ensure the long-term profitability and financial security of individuals and businesses across the entire industry spectrum.

Our team members aren’t simply experts in financial management. We work side-by-side with our clients, helping you to brave the complexities of the industry with confidence and authority. We help you plan for long-term financial security in a business filled with ups and downs. We provide planning for expense payments to stabilize your cash flow between jobs, consult with you on contract negotiations, and help you to navigate the confusing world of residuals and royalties while maximizing every single deduction allowed under the law.

Feeling overwhelmed by the financial requirements and nuances of your industry? We are here to handle the day-to-day requirements and help you maintain your prosperity while you focus on entertaining the masses.

Entertainment Professionals
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We work with a full spectrum of talent, including:

Writers & Directors
Stunt Professionals
Web and Video Gamers

When I started my business I really had no idea how to pay taxes and I definitely did it wrong. I got myself in quite a sticky situation and needed some help. The people at Allied Tax Advisory were so helpful to me. They understood my situation and were more than willing to help me along the way. They not only want to see their clients get out of bad tax situations but they also want to see them go on to do their taxes properly and they made sure I really understood how things worked going forward. I really don’t know what I would have done without their help. This company is wonderful and I wish there were more stars that I could give them.

Barb Davis Avatar Barb Davis
December 10, 2019