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What is Tax Resolution?

1 out of 6 individuals, or approximately 26 million of 153 million taxpayers across the US simply cannot afford their tax debt or have unsolved tax problems. Out of the 26 million individuals with IRS problems, about half owe the IRS $20,000 or more and cannot pay it all at once. Unfortunately, this means that interest and penalties continue to accrue and the debt becomes larger and larger. The uncontrollable debt becomes a burden for most individuals, adding additional anxiety to their everyday lives. At Allied Tax Advisory Group we work immediately and directly with the government agencies and go to work for you. We take action to STOP levies, wage garnishments, and/or seizure of assets. We then negotiate with IRS and obtain a tax settlement, giving your the break you deserve.  

Our Process

We Deliver Results!

Founded by Shawn Daei, Former IRS Agent, Allied Tax Advisory Group specializes in assisting its clients with complex tax matters against the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, EDD and other taxing authorities. We provide our clients with the personalized service of a boutique firm, along with the expertise and capabilities of a larger firm. As a former IRS agent, Mr. Daei has a comprehensive understanding of the tax controversy process, combined with years of experience and a proven track record of success, we help our clients through the entire tax controversy process. By maintaining high standards, developing close relationships and paying attention to detail, we distinguish ourselves from other firms.

Why Tax Relief May Be The Best Option

We know the Tax Code is extremely complicated even for some seasoned professionals let alone ordinary taxpayers. At Allied Tax Advisory Group we understand that hard working Americans sometimes get themselves into a tough situation and require the help of an expert to get back on track. Call us for a free, no-hassle consultation and review your options with us.

Lots of People Have Tax Problems!

Over 26 million individuals across the country either disagree with what they owe or they just simply don’t have the money to pay their entire tax bill in one lump sum payment.

People With Tax Problems Are not bad people!

Most people with tax problems did not intentionally avoid filing taxes or paying the IRS. Most people are hard working Americans who simply hit a bump on the road and fell behind. It’s not uncommon for people who have experienced illness, loss of employment, divorce, loss of a loved one, or suffered losses in their business to fall behind and have tax problems.

Tax Relief May Be The Best Option!

Your tax problems will not go away by waiting and doing nothing, in fact, they may get worse. IRS or State Authorities may expand their enforcement and take harsher actions against you.

Time is NOT on your side!

If you’ve received notices and/or are behind on filing back taxes, DO NOT WAIT AROUND until they come looking for you! If you have tax problems you need take immediate action and resolve it as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have the money they’re asking for. The worst thing you can do is wait around not doing anything!

  • We Go to Work Immediately to Obtain Tax Relief on Behalf of Our Clients!
  • We Negotiate Tax Debt and Structure Payment Plans You Can Afford!
  • We Are Experts in Resolving Tax Problems and Will Get Results!
IRS Collection Officers will do everything to collect, let our professionals help you today!
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