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IRS Officer Showed Up at My Door!

Help – An IRS Revenue Officer Showed Up at My Business!

Perhaps you were just getting to close up shop or go on Christmas vacation, and, to your surprise, an IRS revenue officer showed up at your door. Now, you’re wondering what your next steps should be.


What is an IRS Revenue Officer?

An IRS revenue officer is NOT the same thing as an IRS revenue agent. IRS revenue officers are employed by the IRS field collection office. As such, they are tasked with collecting money. On the other hand, an IRS revenue agent simply performs an audit to assess your tax liability.

IRS revenue officers cannot arrest you and they do not carry a gun. They are often friendly and personable, so taxpayers may let down their guard. It’s important to remember they are also highly skilled and trained to handle tough work such as tax evasion and repeat offenders. They work on big cases, so if you’ve had an IRS revenue officer at your door, then you could have big trouble.

Why Did an IRS Revenue Officer Show Up at My Business?

An IRS revenue officer might have shown up at your business for any number of reasons. Most likely, you have made an error on your taxes that resulted in a substantial monetary loss on their end – and potentially an erroneous gain on your end. While these kind of errors can be intentional, there are plenty of times when they aren’t. There are also times when there’s no error at all, and the cause just has to be further proven. If an IRS revenue officer has shown up at your business, then be prepared to prove that you made an honest mistake or that you were rightful in your tax claims.


Where Do I Go From Here?

First of all, we want you to be mindful of something. IRS revenue officers are extremely strategic. They tend to show up at certain times – such as around closing time or before a holiday – to throw you off and pressure you into giving them information. They do often appear as very friendly and personable, but make no mistake – they want to know as much as possible about your case. With that said, the best way to deal with an IRS revenue officer showing up at your business is to ask them to reschedule and come back at a set time and date.


You are NOT required to sit down for an interview when they show up, but you should NOT ignore them. If you want to put them off, you’ve got to make an appointment and keep the appointment! The only reason you want to reschedule is to contact your tax lawyer, which is what you’d want to do right now.


If you ignore this situation, you could see your wages and more be levied – even your property. Do not make any major decisions or give out any information until you’ve consulted with a tax attorney. That’s why we recommend rescheduling with them. Have them come back when you’re ready!


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