About Allied Tax Advisory Group

Our goal at Allied Tax Advisory Group has always been to help hard working Americans put their Tax Problems behind them and enjoy their lives going forward.  We know dealing with IRS/State can be very time consuming, stressful, and at times near impossible without proper representation. That is why we step in and communicate on your behalf so you don’t have to!

Meet Our Team

Our team is lead by Shawn Daei who has years of experience working for the IRS as an Internal Revenue Auditor. Mr. Daei has helped IRS Criminal Investigation, Special Enforcement Program, and IRS Counsel with various Cases. He has extensive experience with complex audits, offshore banking, and high profile cases.
Shawn Daei, E.A.
Shawn Daei, E.A.


Former IRS Agent with Years of Experience in the Field of Tax Resolution

Joshua V. Azran
Joshua V. Azran


Joshua V. Azran is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have helped many with their tax problems and we can do the same for you…

Spoke with a few firms, but realized the best person for the job is someone who used to work for the IRS! Shawn and his team really helped me and I cannot thank them enough.

David N.
Small Business Owner

I fell behind on my taxes and was scared, embarrassed, and didn't know where to turn. The team at Allied Tax Advisory Group really helped me with the whole process. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional when it comes to handling your tax situation.

Jason H.

I was having panic attacks every time the mail man delivered mail; I was scared I would receive more letters from IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. Shawn and his team really saved my marriage by helping me deal with the IRS. THANK YOU!!

Adam T.
Individual From Texas