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About Allied Tax Advisory Group

Earlier this year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rolled out its Fresh Start Initiative, aimed at helping struggling taxpayers. The Fresh Start Initiative lives up to its name, allowing qualified taxpayers to avoid IRS Failure to File penalty and give them a fresh start. Qualified individuals can request a six-month payment extension in which no penalties will accrue on unpaid tax balances. Late payment penalties will be charged if the balance is not paid by October 15.  Fresh Start provides a different installment structure, allowing taxpayers to avoid financial reviews and Federal liens. The IRS Fresh Start Initiative combines a number of features to help taxpayers who owe back taxes. Call the professionals at Allied Tax Advisory to find your best options for relief.

Our team is lead by Shawn Daei who has years of experience working for the IRS as an Internal Revenue Auditor. Mr. Daei has helped IRS Criminal Investigation, Special Enforcement Program, and IRS Counsel with various Cases. He has extensive experience with complex audits, offshore banking, and high profile cases.

Our Mission

To provide the best representation possible and obtain the best possible result with your specific tax case, allowing you to move forward with the rest of your life. We know how life can be difficult as it is, your tax problems should not add to that.

Our Story

Allied Tax Advisory Group was established by industry experts to help average Americans tackle their tax problems. Our founder truly believes in helping good people put their problems behind them so they can focus on doing what they love instead of worrying about their tax problems. We believe people with Tax Problems are not bad people, they’re ordinary citizens who simply need guidance. We understand behind every case there is a real human being who simply wants to put their tax problems behind them. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and all you need is an expert in your corner to help you and get you back on your feet!

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