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August 2018

Income Driven Student Loan Repayment- Help is Near!

The optimism and hope that comes with earning a degree often comes with the burden of federal student loans. If your loan payments are greater than your income, there is an answer. Income-driven repayment plans are designed to make it easier for federal student loan borrowers to make monthly payments. Monthly payments under an income based repayment plan […]

Who Says You Can’t Mix Business with Pleasure? Guide to Business Tax Deductions

Business trips, conventions, and continuing education seminars are frequently planned to incorporate exotic locations and leisure time. With proper planning, these trips can yield great personal pleasure while at the same time generating legitimate business expense deductions. Although the basic rules are relatively simple, there are a number of factors in this area that you might be […]

Top 10 Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Due to the rise of tax-software preparation programs, people are making fewer mistakes on annual returns. If you are starting to think about your taxes or are currently working on them, make sure you pay careful attention and avoid the common mistakes. Although these mistakes won’t land you in jail, they may cause a few headaches […]

Get It Right: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

As a business owner there are certain important decisions you must make every day, one of them includes the distinction every time you hire paid help. Is this new worker classified as an employee or an independent contractor?   This answer is quite important because misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor can lead you […]

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