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June 2018

How to Reinstate Your Installment Agreement with the IRS

You have finally negotiated an installment agreement with the IRS for your tax liability and things are going smooth. But alas, there is a hiccup in the road and you have broken your obligation under the Installment Agreement by missing the date to file your taxes on time. The result is a new tax debt […]

Are My Bank Accounts & Wages Subject to Levy by the IRS?

Having your wages and money in your bank account is part of the American dream we have grown to love. From childhood we are taught to place our extras in to the bank account, let it grow, and reap the benefits of security and the freedom to dip into our savings.   In an instant, […]

How to Reduce your Chance of an IRS Audit

Audit is one of the scariest words in the English language for any taxpayer to come across and one of the main driving forces behind why people pay their taxes honestly and on-time. Our tax system is based on compliance and heavy responsibility, to self-report all income to the IRS and pay careful attention that our […]

2016 Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

As businesses approach year end, each has a unique opportunity to save additional taxes through taking a variety of strategic steps. Businesses seeking to maximize tax benefits through 2016 year-end tax planning may want to consider several general strategies, such as use of traditional timing techniques for income and deductions, and the role of the […]

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