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Tax Returns Filing

File Current Year Returns and Extensions

We provide Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for Individual, Business, Estate, Trust, and Nonprofit entities providing an advantageous online platform. Leaving the work to us ensures peace of mind for you. If you do not have all of the necessary documentation available on time, Allied Tax Advisory Group can file an extension on your behalf. The Tax Extension serves to allow more time to gather all information and still file without being assessed a late filing penalty.

Not only will you gain six months to file, you will also relieve all of the stress that often accompanies trying to pull everything together by tax time. The increase in time and decrease in stress will allow you to thoroughly review your return and ensure you’re taking advantage of all the tax benefits available to you.

Is filing an extension right for you?

  1. Missing or Inaccurate Information. You can’t file an accurate return if the information you need is incorrect or unavailable. Information returns such as Schedule K1 or Form 1099 arrive too late to meet the April deadline.
  2. Schedules and timing interfere.  Sometimes you simply run out of time and get your information in late, within two or three weeks within the deadline. In most cases, unless the return is simple, you will automatically be placed on an extension to ensure missing a late filing penalty. Filing an extension will let you deal with the situations at hand without having to worry about filing your tax return.
  3. Snowbirds. Seniors who spend colder months away from primary residences may also file rather than rush their returns.
  4. Procrastination.  If you tend to procrastinate and probably will continue before the deadline, hey we all do it! Request an extension. That way, you can have until October to file your return.

If you owe money but can not pay the full amount, you should attempt to pay a portion. Request an Installment Plan, with this option you can make monthly payments to pay the total bill. The state of California offers an automatic six-month extension. You can file your state income tax return without having to file additional forms. The rules of a state tax extension are similar to federal ones. You must pay the taxes you owe or else risk a late-payment penalty.

Filing an extension pushes back the due date for the tax return itself. Money owed to the IRS is still required to be paid at the due date by April 15. The amount will be an estimate of the amount you owe at the time of filing for the extension.

When you are looking to file a Current Year Tax Extension, the professional CPA’s at Allied Tax Group can help save you the extra time.

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