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IRS Audit Reconsideration

Audit Reconsideration

Tax audits can be extremely stressful for even the most business savvy professionals. They are often complicated and time-consuming and distracting from your everyday obligations. You must be prepared to explain the nature of your income and offer proof for your expenses and deductions.

An Audit Reconsideration reopens your audit with the IRS. The IRS grants a review to taxpayers who have already completed an audit. By doing so, the taxpayer is allowed to dispute the result of an assessment made of a recent audit on their tax return. It is important for taxpayers to know how they can qualify or begin the process of requesting a review.

Requirements for Getting an IRS Audit Reconsideration

  • You have changed location and never got the audit notice in the first place.
  • You have failed to send the IRS any information or appear for the audit conference.
  • You disagree with what the IRS says you owe.
  • You have new information about the audit.

How to Request an Audit Reconsideration

  • A tax return must have been filed by the taxpayer.
  • The service and assessments that the taxpayer is disputing remain unpaid.
  • The taxpayer must identify adjustments being disputed.
  • Additional information not considered during the original examination must be provided.

By allowing Allied Tax Advisory Group to help solve your tax controversy, you save yourself the hassle of handling it alone. Having us on your side offers reassurance. The potential for a huge difference in the outcome of your federal or state controversy. We will assist you at all stages of a tax audit, whether it occurs by mail or as an in-person interview.

Our goal is to achieve the most favorable results for our clients. By working closely with our clients, we develop an audit strategy keeping in mind our client’s desired result. If you are being audited, contact the experienced CPA’s and Tax Attorney at Allied Tax Advisory Group so that we can help ensure the best possible outcome.

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