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September 2018

9 Rules To Live By In Order To Avoid An IRS Audit

You just woke up from a nightmare, the IRS is at your door with an audit. Good thing it’s not reality, but it doesn’t hurt to know some key tips to avoid getting that dreaded IRS notice.  Gather more insight into the tax system. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to money! The IRS […]

If you Owe Taxes to the IRS, You Could Lose Your Passport and Air Travel Ability

The New Year has come with some new resolutions, including taking some time off for yourself to travel to some new places and experience some new things. Not so fast!  If you have major tax debt, you need to be aware of a new law which may put a stop on traveling around the world.   The Fixing America’s […]

Starting a New Business? Here are Some Taxes and Regulations to Beware of

Small businesses are the building blocks to our country’s economy and growth. With the millennial generation, startups are blossoming all over with wonderful new innovations and style. You would think the government would be as supportive and make it easy, but unfortunately you’d be wrong. If you plan on starting a small business or startup company, it is important […]

Facing a Tax Audit, Tax Dispute or IRS Collection? Here Are Some Tips

One of the first emotions people feel when receiving a tax audit – panic! Wouldn’t it be great if there were certain steps for people to follow each year to guarantee an audit- proof tax return? Well, there are certain measures taxpayers can take to decrease the likelihood of an audit from the Internal Revenue Service. Step one: […]

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